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Videomine Review (Sign Up, Login, Withdraw, F.A.Q)



Videomine Review (Sign Up, Login, Withdraw, F.A.Q)

Videomine is an online platform that rewards it’s users for participating in various tasks like watching movies, visiting the website frequently, posting videos from the platform on other places and lots more, that keeps attracting traffic to the platform.

Videomine is also an online skills acquisition platform, as they also sell digital services and products like (Sales of courses, tutorials, courses and tutors). It is also an affiliate marketing platform, which allows you earn money whenever you successfully invite someone to purchase a product or service.

Videomine provides daily activities in form of tasks and duties that their users must do to earn money. You can also take part in their digital services like learning a high income skill using your videomine earnings

How does Videomine work?

Videomine is a technology that makes it possible for two different programs to exist on the same software. Videomine gives you the option of participating on the platform as a Single affiliate or Group (team work)

How to make money on Videomine

You can make money on Videomine either as a Single affiliate or as a group

Making money on Videomine as a single affiliate

Single affiliate is an individual plan that allows you to work on your own, and get paid directly to your bank account. To earn money as a single affiliate on Videomine:

Registration fee: #2,000

Welcome bonus:  #1000

Daily visit: #100

Referral earning: #1,400

Sharing viral videos: #200

Watching videos: #150 each

You can apply for withdrawal twice a week and you get paid immediately or you can decide to use your earnings to learn a new skill on the videomine platform.

Making Money on Videomine as a group member (MLM)

MLM stands for Multi level marketing, it is a Videomine system that allows select members of a group to earn #10,000 daily. To make money as a group member:

Registration and subscription fee: #2,000

Complete cycle earning: #10,000

Minimum withdrawal: #1,500

For each cycle your downline completes you earn: #1,500

You must subscribe again, and transfer to the next cycle.

All group users stand a chance of winning amazing prizes like iphones, laptops, home theaters e.t.c when the reach certain level goals.

Advantages of working with a group on Videomine

1.You get to earn continuously with your team

2.You are allowed to withdraw daily

3.You continuously earn spillovers from your team members

4.You are entitled to win prizes for completing certain cycles with your team

5.Prizes to be won when you complete a cycle with your team

6.You get to win a rechargeable standing fan/ mini printing machine when you complete cycle 7

7.You win a fully automated home theater when you complete cycle 14

8.You get to win a tecno or Infinix device if you complete cycle 21

9.You get to win PES 3 or Samsung S7 when you complete cycle 30

10.You get to win a laptop when you complete cycle 50

11.You get to win an iPhone 11 pro max and a mini washing machine when you complete cycle 100

12.You win an all expense paid trip to Dubai when you complete cycle 200

13.You can claim your prizes either by having it delivered directly to your doorstep, or into your bank account as cash payment or as activation codes.

How to register/ sign up on Videomine

To register on Videomine:


Select menu and proceed to buy the activation code (#2,000), you will be provided with the contacts of the certified vendors select one and purchase from them

After purchasing the code, proceed to the Videomine website to continue your registration

Provide your personal details as required, and the activation code and Sign up

You will given #1,000 welcome bonus immediately your account has been successfully created.

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How to Login on Videomine

Click  here to login to your videomine account

Provide your email address or username and password

Click on sign in or login

Videomine Contact

You can contact Videomine on

Phone: 09035046637



Is Videomine Legit or Scam?

Videomine like every other platforms similar to it, it seems the founders are in for the short term gains, it doesn’t look genuine and lacks substance. The founders and admin of the platform are unknown, the website looks poorly designed. If you still consider joining after all this signs, we advice you join a package you can avoid to lose.

How to withdraw on Videomine

Once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount, login to your videomine dashboard and select withdraw. Enter your bank details and the amount you want to withdraw.

Single affiliates can request for withdrawal on Wednesdays and Sundays from 8:00 am to 10: 00 am every week,  group members can withdraw anyday but within the same time frame.

Videomine Withdrawal closed

Videomine Withdrawal closed is the period when you can not apply for withdrawal on Videomine. For affiliates it is everyday except Wednesday and Sunday, and for team members it is between the hours of 10:00am to 8:00 am the next day.

VideoMine points

Videomine points are equivalent to real money, you can withdraw your videomine points as cash once you reach the minimum payout amount.

#10,000 points on Videomine is equivalent to #5,000  and #5,000 points is #2,500

Videomine Referrals

Videomine does not pay without referrals, you must have at least 3 referrals before you can be able to apply for withdraw.

FAQ’s about Videomine Technology

1.Is Videomine Legit?

Like platforms similar to it, Videomine promises to pay you to do task and refer people, but just like the others it might crash when it becomes saturated.

2.How much is Videomine registration fee?

To register on Videomine costs #2,000

3.Does Videomine have an app?

Yes, Videomine has a mobile app that is available on Google Play Store.

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